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Signe Wilkinson Cartoon from 2017-03-23

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Israel ist der einzige Besatzer der Weltgeschichte, der sich als Opfer darstellen kann, nicht nur als Opfer sondern als einziges Opfer weit und breit, und dies seit 70 Jahren - unglaublich!

London Terror Attack Predicted By 4chan User 24 Hours Before It Took Place

An anonymous 4chan user posted a cryptic message on the online forum exactly 24 hours before today’s terrorist attack in Westminster, that used morse code to give the GPS coordinates of the exact location of the incident that left four people dead and dozens injured.

4chan is a forum that offers anonymity to people who post on its message boards and is often used by government whistleblowers to leak information to the public.
Recently, it has been used by an FBI insider, known only as FBIAnon, to feed inside information to the public of classified federal investigations, who had warned in previous messages that government agencies we desperate to shut down the anonymous forum and would frame its users for coordinating an attack.
Conspiracy theories are already gathering traction suggesting that London attack was a false flag, designed to frame 4chan for allowing terrorists to coordinate attacks on the site.
If government agencies were to able to show a connection between 4chan and the attacks, they could apply for a court order to give them access to the website’s server to obtain data on the person who posted the warning, or even shut the site down altogether.
Of course, accessing the server would give them data on all users, including government whistleblowers, and shutting down the site would stop the leaks from happening in the first place, or that’s the theory, at least.

The post on 4chan originally looked like spam, but another user figured out the coded message within minutes with a reply that merely said “big ben?”.The cryptic message was an image of two handguns with more code next to it, which when decoded, translated to a Pastebin web address.

Converting the Morse code to text directs straight to a Pastebin web address. The Pastebin link contained a series of binary code, which when converted to text using a binary-to-text conversion tool gave what appeared to be GPS coordinates. 00110101 00110001 00101110 00110101 00110000 00110000 00111001 00110100 00110111 00101100 00100000 00101101 00110000 00101110 00110001 00110010 00110100 00110101 00110011 00110000

The binary code translated to GPS coordinates of the location of the attack The coordinates given were- 51.500947, -0.124530 - which when used in Google maps, give the exact location of the London Westminster Bridge attack.The most puzzling part of the message is the image of the two handguns, as no guns were used by the attackers who ran people over with a car and then attacked using a knife.

The cryptic message also included an image of two guns which don’t match the attack. IBTimes reports: It’s not the first time 4Chan has been in the middle of controversy surrounding terror events. In October 2015, a 4Chan user may have predicted the Oregon school shooting that left 10 dead, including the perpetrator Christopher Harper-Mercer. A cryptic message appeared on the site the night before that read: “Some of you guys are alright. Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest. happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning. so long space robots.”

Again, as with the nature of 4Chan, which hosts controversial message boards such /pol/, there was an air of skepticism around it. Some believed the post to be real, with even the possibility of the OP (original poster) to be Harper-Mercer himself.As the investigation into the London attack continues we will update this story when we hear more about the legitimacy of the post, or whether it’s just another case of a 4Chan troll.

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!!! M U T L I K U L T I !!!

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Liebe BILD-Redaktion,

ich könnte es mir natürlich leicht machen und Euch im Gegenzug fragen, ob ich Euch “Arschlöcher” nennen darf? Aber ich will mir mal die Mühe machen und Euch erklären, was an Eurer Schlagzeile falsch und schlecht ist:
“Mongo” ist ein beleidigendes Schimpfwort, mit dem keiner belegt werden möchte: Weder Menschen mit Down-Symptom noch andere Menschen! Warum also eine Pseudo-Frage, die doch nichts anderes tut, als an den abwertenden und diskriminierenden Begriff “Mongolismus” anzuknüpfen? Warum für ein diskriminierendes Schimpfwort indirekt Reklame machen? Warum den sprachlichen und inhaltlichen Zusammenhang in den Köpfen der Leser verfestigen (neudeutsch “Framing”)?

Und kommt mir nicht damit, dass Ihr am Tag des Down-Syndroms “aufklären” wolltet. Mit tabubrechenden Überschriften Klicks machen, das war Eure Absicht. Mit Aufklärung hat das Ganze nichts zu tun.

In der Logik von “BILD fragt Fragen, die sich keiner zu stellen traut” müsste es dann nämlich so weitergehen: “Herr Farbiger, darf man Sie Nigger nennen? Herr Rollstuhlfahrer, darf man Sie Krüppel nennen? Herr Isreali, darf man Sie Drecksjude nennen?”

Dass das keine gute Idee ist, merkt Ihr selbst, oder? Derartige “Fragen” werden nämlich aus gutem Grund nicht gestellt (hat was mit Kinderstube, Herzensbildung und Anstand zu tun) und nicht, weil “sich sonst keiner traut”, wie Ihr vorgebt.

Viele Grüße

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